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Kenney Lane

Kenney-Terry-PicKenney was raised in Jacksonville, Florida. He has worked with cranes and heavy machinery and equipment all his life. Kenney holds auctioneer licenses in Florida and Georgia. He is a certified appraiser with a General Personal Property Appraiser (GPPA) designation. Kenney is well qualified to provide accurate values on any equipment and complete business inventories. He conducts many of his sales in person and online via various websites. Kenney is experienced and licensed in the state of Florida in the business of asset recovery of vehicles, equipment, machinery.

Terry M. Steptoe

Terry is a licensed auctioneer in Florida and Georgia. She holds a GPPA designation for personal property. She conducts her auctions with discipline and humor, keeping things lively and spirited on the block. Terry works well with buyers and sellers, respecting their wishes and concerns, especially protecting their best interests. She possesses a broad base of product knowledge and experience in her field, consistently calling a minimum of two or more auctions a week. She auctions a wide range of products from small wares, jewelry, furniture,full estates to farm and construction equipment. Terry continues to search for products and assets that will appeal to her customers.

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